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Oregon Wedding Articles

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In The Spotlight
Weatherford's Grand Lodge
Oregon City, OR
(503) 723-9253
Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort
Reedsport, OR
Reverend Joe
salem, or
UO Catering & Conference Services
Eugene, OR
Carrie May Weddings
Portland, OR
Weddings By The Reverend SuZen
Eugene Springfield Lane County, OR
(541) 914-0781
Sweet Home Bridal Expo
Sweet Home, OR
Wayne Thompson Entertainment Servic...
Portland, OR
Wedding Etiquette
    Traditional Wedding Gifts
Are you looking for a wedding gift? There are many traditional wedding gifts to get the bride and groom. These gifts are ...Continue
    Gifts For Second Weddings
Are you invited to a second wedding? It is always so happy that someone has found love a second time. It makes us all fe ...Continue
Wedding Ideas
    Creating Elegant Weddings on a Budget
Are you creating your wedding, but on a budget? Everyone wants their wedding to be elegant. Don’t worry: your wedding ca ...Continue
    Planning a Spring Wedding
Are you planning a wedding for the Spring? Springtime is a time when it is said that a young man’s thoughts turn to love ...Continue
    Summer Wedding Ideas
Ideas for Summer Weddings Summer is considered one of the most classic times to hold a wedding. June especially is prob ...Continue
    The Beauty of Small Weddings
Are you planning a wedding? Many people who plan weddings wind up getting overwhelmed with just how big a wedding can ge ...Continue
Wedding Planning
    Holding An Elegant Winter Wedding
Winter is a beautiful time for a wedding. While winter is not the most popular time for a wedding, winter does offer a l ...Continue
    Planning The Perfect Wedding - An Overview
With today's bride juggling a career, social life and family obligations -- planning a wedding is even more challenging ...Continue
    Planning Your Second Wedding?
Are you planning a second wedding? Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you. Finding love a second time aro ...Continue
    Ideas For Fall Weddings
Are you planning a fall wedding? Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding? While many consider summer to be the most ...Continue
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