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Oregon Wedding Articles

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In The Spotlight
Reverend Jeff M. White Sr.
Eugene, OR
Weddings Now
Oregon City, Or
A Breathtaking Moment, LLC
Sandy, OR
The Inn at Arch Rock
Depoe Bay, OR
The Radiant Touch
Oregon City, OR
Diva Matters Ministry
Portland, OR
Your Personal Ceremony
Portland, OR
Catherine's Event Planning
Wedding Etiquette
    Traditional Wedding Gifts
Are you looking for a wedding gift? There are many traditional wedding gifts to get the bride and groom. These gifts are ...Continue
    Gifts For Second Weddings
Are you invited to a second wedding? It is always so happy that someone has found love a second time. It makes us all fe ...Continue
Wedding Ideas
    Creating Elegant Weddings on a Budget
Are you creating your wedding, but on a budget? Everyone wants their wedding to be elegant. Don’t worry: your wedding ca ...Continue
    Planning a Spring Wedding
Are you planning a wedding for the Spring? Springtime is a time when it is said that a young man’s thoughts turn to love ...Continue
    Summer Wedding Ideas
Ideas for Summer Weddings Summer is considered one of the most classic times to hold a wedding. June especially is prob ...Continue
    The Beauty of Small Weddings
Are you planning a wedding? Many people who plan weddings wind up getting overwhelmed with just how big a wedding can ge ...Continue
Wedding Planning
    Holding An Elegant Winter Wedding
Winter is a beautiful time for a wedding. While winter is not the most popular time for a wedding, winter does offer a l ...Continue
    Planning The Perfect Wedding - An Overview
With today's bride juggling a career, social life and family obligations -- planning a wedding is even more challenging ...Continue
    Planning Your Second Wedding?
Are you planning a second wedding? Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you. Finding love a second time aro ...Continue
    Ideas For Fall Weddings
Are you planning a fall wedding? Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding? While many consider summer to be the most ...Continue
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