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Gifts For Second Weddings

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette

Are you invited to a second wedding? It is always so happy that someone has found love a second time. It makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. But second weddings are a bit different than the first. First weddings seem to come with clear instructions on what to do and what to expect. Second weddings are always a bit different. This is even apparent when it comes to giving gifts for a second wedding. But there are some basic, clear-cut tips to keep in mind with gifts for a second wedding.

A great idea to keep in mind is to give fun gifts. Most second wedding couples already have all of the practical things. Not only do they have one blender, one coffeemaker and one microwave – but they probably now have two of each of these items. If they are living together: then they have consolidated all of these items rather neatly into a system. So they don’t need the very best blender that you can find, even if it comes with fifteen features and glows in the dark. A great idea is to give the lovely couple fun gifts, gifts that they would enjoy and appreciate – but might not otherwise ask for. Give them matching cashmere sweaters. Or ski passes for next season to their favorite resort. Give them a year of video rental service. No one says that you don’t have to give a gift, as a matter of a fact – it is sort of expected that you will give a gift when invited to a wedding. But give something that people will use and appreciate.

Another idea is to give gifts that give to others. Charity gifts are a lovely idea. There are even charity wedding registries where brides and grooms can register for charity gifts they would like to receive. There are so many charities that you can make a donation in their honor. Simply select a charity that you feel best embodies the bride and groom’s sensibilities. Then give them a card explaining that you gave a gift in their name. This is something that so many second marriage couples will appreciate. The idea that a gift in their name will make a difference for others has great meaning to many. Consider asking the bride and groom for the names of their favorite charities before making a donation.

A great tip is also to encourage the bride and groom to register at stores that carry the gifts they want to receive. Brides and grooms are no longer limited to traditional wedding registries at big box stores that expect them to register for silverware and kitchenware. You can register at many online and brick and mortar stores for just about any type of gift item that appeals to you. Some stores now call these Wish Lists instead of Bridal Registries. Setting up a Wish List in the couples name will help people find gifts the couple will appreciate and enjoy. If the couple are passionate hikers and want hiking and camping equipment – then their friends truly will want to give this to them. They won’t want to give them a mixer or measuring cups.

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