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Traditional Wedding Gifts

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette

Are you looking for a wedding gift? There are many traditional wedding gifts to get the bride and groom. These gifts are perfect for the new couple that are starting their new life together. It is traditionally thought that the bride and groom will be starting their own home together and will not have many house wares or kitchenware items. So traditional wedding gift items help a bride and a groom get started on building a home together.

Cookware is one of the most traditional wedding gifts there is. Pots and pans and other cookware accessories are very popular to get the bride and the groom. Perhaps it is because of that saying: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There are many who believe it is very important for a woman to be a good cook and for a man to be a good provider. So part of setting up a household is to provide a future wife with the proper accessories that will allow her the ability to become a good cook. Classic cookware items such as pots and pans and other cookware accessories will help her cook many meals for her future family.

Another popular wedding gift is linens for the home. His and hers bathrobes became quite popular several years ago, when the customization of monogramming became very popular. But towel sets are also very popular. Classic items such as table cloths and cloth napkins are also popular. Many brides and grooms want linens that are appropriate for casual or for elegant needs. So some linens will be for daily use and others will be for special occasions. Many brides and grooms also register for bed linens and comforters.

Lots of brides and grooms also register for silverware. It has become a tradition to find your silver pattern to get your silverware registered so that people can buy you sets. This silver traditionally is for fancy use. But many brides and grooms also register for a casual dining silverware set as well. This is just as important, as they will only typically use the fancy silverware several times a year if that. The casual dining silverware set they will use just about every day of the year.

Kitchen appliances are also a popular item to register for. There are so many kitchen appliances for brides and grooms to register for. It used to be that only brides would show interest in what they would register for, but today’s groom that loves gadgets may be just as interested in getting the latest fancy espresso maker and will want to have some say in the wedding registry. Brides and grooms may register for mixers, blenders, coffee makers, espresso makers and other kitchenware items. Today’s gadgets offer lots of convenience. Depending on your kitchen you will want more or less gadgets.

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