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Creating Elegant Weddings on a Budget

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Are you creating your wedding, but on a budget? Everyone wants their wedding to be elegant. Don’t worry: your wedding can still have elegant touches – even if you are trying to be extra frugal. The key is to think extra creatively and to be positive about your wedding planning experience.

The ability to plan ahead can literally save you thousands of dollars. The more time you have, the more potential you have to save money. You will have time to comparison shop, to bargain shop and to consider your options. So if you feel pressed for time – ask yourself if it could be worth it to postpone your wedding. You could wind up with a more elegant resulting wedding and you won’t have to feel that pain in the drain in your pocketbook or wallet for the results. Make your budget and think of the items that you want and what’s important to you. Then look for ways that you can comparison shop or even ways to budget on these items.

When it comes to flowers many brides simply go ga ga. They imagine a church or a wedding reception filled to the brim with flowers. But they don’t know very much about the actual flowers themselves. Memorize this magical phrase: simply ask – “what’s in season?” Seasonal flowers can save you up to a third or even a half of the cost of flowers. So you could have double the number of flowers for your budgeted price, or you could save half the amount you were expecting to budget on flowers – and have this money to put elsewhere in your budget. You’ll also still have that beautiful, lush looking experience of walking into a church or wedding reception filled to the brim with flowers that smell luxuriant and lovely and know they were placed here all for your enjoyment. But only you will know they were seasonal blooms – hence being on sale!

Wedding receptions can be the majority of the cost of your wedding. When it comes to your wedding reception, it can truly pay to think unique. Think of holding your wedding somewhere where no one else has held a wedding. Or perhaps in a location you have been to other favorable events – but never a wedding. What about a popular restaurant with a small area for dancing? Or a public park with an area for picnics? Or the beach? Or a family member’s home? Do some creative thinking about some of your favorite places and you could be looking at really slashing one of your biggest budget crusher items by a tremendous amount.

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