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Planning a Spring Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding for the Spring? Springtime is a time when it is said that a young man’s thoughts turn to love. Well Springtime is the perfect time for love and romance – and weddings! Springtime is the time when flowers are in bloom and everything appears soft and lovely. This is the perfect time to hold so many weddings. While Summer is admittedly the most popular wedding season, many brides and grooms select Spring to hold a wedding because it is warm and many things are pretty and in bloom. But in Spring you can get things at a more reasonable price than in Summertime with the vendors.

There are many themes for Spring weddings. But one of the biggest themes for a Spring wedding is the beauty of flowers and the beauty that they will bring to your celebration. So many flowers are in season in Spring. Imagine your wedding and reception covered in lovely Spring flowers. Your wedding and wedding reception would look beautiful. Add some candles to make the wedding and wedding reception look simply magical. With the right music – you have all of the elements in place. The perfume of the flowers will add to the romantic mood that everyone will be feeling.

Another theme for a Spring wedding is an Easter-themed wedding. Many brides and grooms love Easter. If you are a religious Christian, this can be an ideal choice for you. The church will be decorated beautifully for Easter, and your wedding can take place in the church with these very same decorations. Serve traditional Easter foods at your Easter-themed wedding. You could even have the Easter bunny visit to entertain the children, and hold an Easter Egg hunt to add to the fun! An Easter-themed wedding would be ideal for so many couples. This is a great way to celebrate spring in a religious way if you are Christian.

If you are planning a Spring wedding, another thing to consider is to have a wedding that celebrates the beauty of the season in every way. You can hold an outdoor ceremony in Spring in most parts of the country. There are so many beautiful places to hold an outdoor ceremony: a field, a beach or a public park. A Spring wedding should celebrate nature and all of nature’s gifts. Imagine getting married being surrounded by wildflowers or being surrounded by wild creatures (like rabbits or deer). Your Spring wedding should celebrate the beauty of nature in every way. Think about what you love about nature and how you can add this to your ceremony.

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