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Summer Wedding Ideas

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Ideas for Summer Weddings

Summer is considered one of the most classic times to hold a wedding. June especially is probably the most popular month to hold a wedding. The lovely warm weather is one of the great benefits of holding a summer wedding. You also will have beautiful summer flowers growing in many locations. Summertime in so many parts of the world is such a beautiful season. Many people love to go to just about any type of celebration – especially a wedding – in the summertime.

A unique idea for a summertime wedding is to hold a fancy barbeque reception. Many people love barbeque food and this is a great idea for a reception. You can have the reception catered, or ask a family member who is well-skilled at the grill to take over. The best thing about a barbeque reception is that it can be as casual or even as formal as you would like. Use china plates and fabric tablecloths if you like. Or use paper plates and throw-away silverware. Everyone loves a good barbeque. Many brides and grooms that select a barbeque wedding reception decide to have a pig on a spit. Suckling pig is actually considered a lucky food for many people to eat at a celebration. So having one at your wedding could indeed be very special. Remember if you have a barbeque wedding reception to have both mild and spicy style barbeque food for everyone to enjoy.

Another lovely idea for a wedding reception is a classic picnic or box lunch style reception. This can be catered or arranged through family members. To do this type of reception you will need a beautiful spot to hold your picnic. It would be ideal not to simply arrange your picnic, but also arrange for some classic picnic type of entertainment for everyone to participate in – such as games of tag and sak races. Again this can be elegant and dressy or it can be very casual. This is a very fun theme to consider if you are holding a family-style wedding and expecting a lot of children and families to attend. You will need to rent tables or arrange for tablecloths for people to sit on the lawn or picnic spot.

A great idea for a summertime wedding is to hold a Fourth of July wedding reception. What could be more romantic than the idea of fireworks for your wedding reception? After your vows are said, everyone could sit down and enjoy the fireworks together. Serve a Fourth of July meal of classic summertime foods that everyone will like. You can go as casual or as formal as you prefer. This Fourth of July celebration could be held on someone’s boat in the middle of the water ( a great place to watch fireworks ) or even at a public picnic area. There are so many things you can do for your summertime wedding.

Summertime wedding receptions are beautiful and lots of fun. Everyone enjoys a beautiful summertime wedding!

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