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The Beauty of Small Weddings

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Are you planning a wedding? Many people who plan weddings wind up getting overwhelmed with just how big a wedding can get. Big weddings can be beautiful – but so can small weddings. Why do some weddings get so big? Some brides and grooms go overboard and invite everyone they knew from the third grade on. Some feel that the number of people they invite to their wedding is a source of pride. Some brides or grooms invite extra people because they figure people will give them checks as wedding gifts and they want to “collect” all of the profits – certainly a very silly reason to invite someone indeed! These are not appropriate reasons to throw a big wedding, but big weddings happen for these reasons all the time. If people invited only the guests they truly wanted to attend, weddings would be much smaller and a reasonable amount of people.

A small wedding can be more personable and elegant. If you have less people, you can most likely afford to spend a bit more on the reception and make things even more fancy for your guests. You can throw a reception that your guests will be sure to remember for a long time to come. A small wedding can also be a bit homey. Think of an “at-home” wedding. Many brides and grooms select to have their weddings held at a large home held by the family. This can save on reception costs while creating a very cozy feel. You are creating memories in a family home. Just imagine being able to tell your children that you got married in their grandparents’ home! This is one of the beauties of a small wedding. A small wedding can be conducted in so many other different locations. Larger weddings need catering halls or reception areas. A smaller wedding could take over a part of a restaurant or even a private room of a restaurant. With a small wedding you have many more options.

By having a small wedding your wedding will also be more memorable for your guests. Some brides and grooms barely get to spend time at the wedding or reception with their guests. At a smaller wedding you will have the chance to greet every guest and actually have a conversation with them. Some brides and grooms are so busy at their own weddings, they barely get a chance to eat and relax! At a smaller wedding there will be more opportunity for you to actually enjoy the process. A smaller wedding has many more benefits for you and for your family to enjoy and celebrate your new union.

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