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Ideas For Fall Weddings

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Are you planning a fall wedding? Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding? While many consider summer to be the most traditional time for a wedding, there are lots of brides and grooms that select the fall for their wedding. Fall is a beautiful season. You may also find that fall is a less expensive time for brides and grooms to plan a wedding. So there are many benefits to planning your fall wedding.

Many brides and grooms in the Northeast plan a fall wedding. The Northeast has beautiful leaves and fall is considered to be one of the Northeast’s loveliest seasons. Some of the most popular states for Fall are: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Connecticut. All have leaves that turn beautiful colors: from red, orange, yellow, gold and brown. The Northeast also has many quaint and pretty looking churches to hold your wedding in. This can be a beautiful place for you to hold your Fall wedding. Between the lovely Fall leaves and the classic traditional look of a beautiful quaint church --- your wedding will have a very old-fashioned feel.

A Fall wedding especially celebrates the Fall season. There are many things to celebrate about Fall. Some people are quite fond of Oktoberfest festivals others like apple picking. Simply selecting what you like best about Fall and then adding elements of these to your wedding will give it a special flavor and taste of the Fall season. Serving tiny apple tarts as appetizers or h’ors dourves at your wedding reception would be ideal. You would also serve something with pumpkin in it, as pumpkin is very popular during the Fall season. Celebrate the fall in your own special way.

A unique idea that will work for many quirky brides and grooms is a Halloween-themed wedding. Some brides and grooms are thrilled about the idea of everyone coming to their wedding in costume and celebrating right along with them! This wedding will most likely appeal to the creative and someone that likes something that is a bit out of the ordinary. But a Halloween wedding could be quite unique and would certainly celebrate Fall. An ideal place to hold your Halloween wedding would be a Victorian mansion or even a Haunted house or perhaps a home on the local historical register. Your Halloween wedding would be beautiful – and perhaps a little spooky. Get married at midnight by candlelight. If you dare!

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