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Planning The Perfect Wedding - An Overview

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

With today's bride juggling a career, social life and family obligations -- planning a wedding is even more challenging than ever. This means that typically the family is involved in helping to plan the wedding. The bride is most like the captain who steers the ship, with the family as her eager crew. Family can be given assignments based on what they do best. If her future father-in-law is best at negotiating, then he may be sent to the catering hall to get a good price for the wedding reception. Her sister may be sent to help her select the wedding flowers. Her mother-in-law and mother will most likely help her choose her wedding dress.

When planning a wedding it is best to keep track of all of the details in one place. Get a binder with dividers to put different items in. The binder should have pockets to hold various receipts from things you have bought for the wedding. You will also want to do things on the computer for the wedding. There is actual wedding software created to organize your budget and guest list. Or you can use Excel spreadsheets to do this. You may even want to consider getting a separate e-mail address to deal specifically with wedding details, so that everything for the wedding goes to one place. You can give the password to the future groom and anyone else helping with the wedding so they can contact with any vendors you are e-mailing.

You can learn a lot about your future family and also about the way your family interacts while planning your wedding. Some family members may vie for just as much attention as the bride is supposed to get on this very important day. Other family members may gripe about the cost of the wedding -- even if they are not paying for it. They will remind you that in their day a wedding cost only a certain amount. A wedding is a very happy occasion, but it is also a stressful occasion. People's strongest behavioral reactions come out when they are under stress.

Even though you may plan every detail of your wedding -- be open for the unexpected. Some brides are brought to tears because their wedding flowers are a different color or the organist plays a different song for them to walk down the aisle to. In weddings -- just as in life -- mistakes happen, even when people are well-intentioned. If you hold onto your sense of humor and take a "big picture" attitude about your wedding you will see that a small detail out of place will not matter. What is most important about a wedding is the love that brought the two of you together and the moment that you now share to celebrate that relationship.

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