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Planning Your Second Wedding?

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Oregon Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Are you planning a second wedding? Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you. Finding love a second time around is a true blessing. Some say that it can be even sweeter the second time you discover this wonderful gift that life has to offer – as you have developed some more of life’s wisdom. A second wedding can often be different from your first wedding. Often there are children to consider and other factors that may be involved. Sometimes your own parents have very definitive opinions about what should and should not be done when it comes to a second wedding. But remember, this is your wedding and it is important that you and your future spouse create the wedding of your dreams – a wedding that makes the two of you happy and will also include everyone else that is important to you.

Children can be an important factor to so many planning a second wedding. Many second-time brides are walked down the aisle not by their fathers, but by their now teenaged sons who proudly give them away to the new man of the house. Involving your children in your wedding is an important step in creating your new step-family. Every family is different and your traditions will also be different. Some second weddings have included special rings or other jewelry for the children to wear, with vows for the children to be included in. Other second wedding families have held their own small private ceremonies for their own family vows and then another public ceremony for the husband and wife to exchange vows. Children that are included in the wedding in some way feel better about the upcoming marriage. Even if they feel shy about participating, children should be encouraged to participate at their level. A shy child can be asked to sit in the front row or to help light a candle. Children should not be forced into participating in a way they do not want to as this can cause a backlash.

Many second wedding couples involve couples that are dealing with the marriage of both a husband and a wife and also two faiths. Just as every second marriage is different, so is the handling of an interfaith-couple. Speak honestly about what your faith means to you and how you feel about expressing your faith. See how your partner wishes to express their faith. For many religion can be a real “hot button” topic. Tread lightly and focus on finding common ground. There may be an adjustment period as the two of you get used to what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.

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