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Modern Art Photograph

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924 N Killingsworth Ct, Portland, OR, 97217
Phone: 503 481 7947

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Photographers

Areas Served: Portland Area

Modern Art Wedding Photography

Packages Starting at 650!

Engagement Photos:
The engagement photos are my gift to you. Engagement photos are free to you with the purchase of your wedding package. I suggest a tapestry print or matted 16x20 to have at the shower and on display at the guest registry the day of your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photos:
One or two hours of shooting is average before the wedding. Photos of everyone Wedding Photographer, Portland Oregon Robert Knapp, preparing for the ceremony. Separate photographs of the bride and the groom. Overview photos of the location. All the bridesmaids and best men. All the standard photos taken with that twist that makes your wedding unique.

Wedding Photos:
The ring bearers, your mother crying, the smirk on the best man's face, the nervous bridesmaids. All the little things you will want to remember forever are captured for you in a style you can appreciate.

Post Wedding Photos:
I typically shoot the wedding party immediately after the ceremony once the crowd has begun to filter out. The families like to get in on the fun here as well. Everyone can be involved. These shots don't take long. The more creative we get, the more fun everyone has while we produce these photos together.

Reception Photos:
These images create the character of the album. As everyone loosens up, the real life of the wedding comes together. The toast. Cutting the cake. The first dance.

Wedding Photography Styles

Color Photographs:
All the care and composition you see in my style, easy on the art

Black and White:
Classic look, timeless feel, both the smokey/dreamy and sharp focus styles

Modern and Fine Art Style:
My signature styles are just so much fun to shoot, and conformity is out the window! Everyone is a part of the creation of these breathtaking images.

Sepia Tone:
Stunning antique qualities of brown and white.

Its important to select a style for your shoot. If you truly have no preference I can shoot a mix of any or all of the above. Each image takes on a life of its own in the editing process. It's beautiful to see the album's style come together with look and feel of each family.

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