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Natural Style Photography

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1113 Westerly Ct., Grants Pass, OR, 97527
Phone: 541 450-8817

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Services Provided: Photographers

Areas Served: Central, Coast, Eastern, Mount Hood, Portland Area, Southern, Willamette Valley

Wedding photographs are among the most treasured valuables in a married person's life. This is especially true because they capture those precious details from the wedding day, touching moments that could otherwise be lost in the fog of time and memory. Keeping this thought in mind, wedding photography needs to be of the highest quality so that it skillfully captures all those details which collectively tell the story of your wedding day.

Since the story of your wedding day is told through the eyes of your photographer, it's important to get to know his/her personality, style and vision. It's only reasonable that you want vivid, lasting memories of your special day. We at Natural Style Photography seek to capture all the moments (big and small) of your wedding, producing colorful, captivating images that you will enjoy for many generations to come.

As the wedding events unfold we will be there taking pictures from multiple angles, attentive to all those spontaneous exchanges between people, the touching expressions, the subtle nuances that help tell your story.

As photographer Eddie Bonfigli once said, “The character of a subject truly comes through when you capture them in a candid moment.” Yes, Natural Style Photography is dedicated to capturing these candid moments as they naturally occur.

What better way is there to freeze a moment in time than with a photograph? Your wedding photo album is something you will treasure forever. As you turn the pages, you'll relive the nervousness, the excitment, and the wonderful joy you first felt when you said, "I do." Here at Natural Style Photography we want to help you hold on to those special memories. We hope you'll choose us to tell your wedding story through high-quality photography.

If you have any questions, or to book a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please give us a call at (541) 450-8817 or use the contact page on our website.

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