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New Morning Photography

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P.O. Box 40722, Eugene, OR, 97404
Phone: (541) 342-4700

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Photographers

Areas Served: Willamette Valley

THANK YOU for your interest in New Morning Photography. We'd be honored to work with you! Aaron and I have been together since '94, which was right around the time that he began to be recognized for his nature and landscape photography. His first two gallery shows were that year, so it was an exciting time! Soon, he began getting requests to photograph weddings, from people who appreciated the technical skill, creativity, and sense of composition and lighting which came from his training as an artist. We are forever grateful to those first few couples, because despite being an experienced photographer, Aaron found that shooting weddings was a whole new ball game. He was terrified! I started going along to help, and learned so much in the process that by 2001, photography had become a full-time gig for both of us. Today, we LOVE what we do, photographing weddings together (portrait sessions, too!) as a husband and wife team. And with 14 years of experience, nearly 200 weddings photographed, and a shared perfectionism which makes us constantly strive to be better, we like to think we've gotten pretty good at it. :-) But don't take our word for it; please check out what our customers have to say, on the "Buzz" section of this site!

One thing which makes us unique is our commitment to including the "digital negatives" (on high-res. CDs) and a copyright release with every package, rather than requiring customers to buy their reprints from us at studio prices. We also devote far more time than average (up to 100 hours after each wedding) to editing, touch-ups, album design, and more. We want to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: gorgeous, professionally prepared images from us, AND the ability to get their own reprints and enlargements (at a big cost savings) whenever they wish. This was the combination we searched for in our own wedding photographer, so we really believe in providing it for our customers.

We feel so blessed to be doing what we love! What job could possibly be better than getting to share and document the beautiful moments in people's lives? We always have such big, friendly smiles on our faces when we're at weddings, guests often think that we're old friends or family of the couple. We do our best to make the experience an easy, relaxed, enjoyable one for all, and we think it comes through in our photos: real smiles, tears and laughter rather than stiff, outdated poses. We strive to work unobtrusively, helping the wedding day flow more smoothly, adapting our approach to each unique couple's needs.

We're happy to answer questions, and we offer free, no-pressure consultations to those who'd like to meet with us in person. We'd love to hear from you!

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