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Phone: 541-815-9214

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Services Provided: Invitations

Areas Served: Central, Coast, Eastern, Mount Hood, Portland Area, Southern, Willamette Valley

Printed Greeting Cards on Demand

With a simple click of your computer mouse - you can select a card, write a message and send a printed greeting card. We print it, stuff it, stamp it, and send it in the mail for you. It's Fast, easy and fun. Let our reminder system tell you when a card is needed or simply choose a card anytime you want. Send unexpected cards at unexpected times. Never forget another birthday. Always show appreciation.

We are changing peoples lives one card at a time.

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Gift Card and Gift Sending Options

Now when sending a card, you can choose to insert a gift card to one of many different businesses, or even choose to send a gift of chocolates, cookies, cocoa, as well as many other gifts.

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Retail Account Options

Retail accounts are great for those who simply want to send greeting cards at their own pace, and use the system mainly for personal services.

There are three options for retail accounts:
Retail Package Plus, Auto Order and Annual Renewal accounts.

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Custom Card Designs

Send Out Cards can custom design a card for Christmas, birthdays, parties or any other event.

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Online Contact Manager and Reminder Service

Never forget another birthday or special occasion. Our reminder service comes complete with a contact manager, a calendar that shows events and a reminder service that will never let you forget. You may type in your contacts or import them from Microsoft Outlook, Goldmine, Act, etc.

This is all included in the price of your account.

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