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Your Personal Ceremony

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5707 NE 15 Ave, Portland, OR, 97211
Phone: 503-287-8737, 503-679-5933

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Photo Gallery:
Services Provided: Officiants

Areas Served: Central, Coast, Mount Hood, Portland Area

Meaningful Wedding Ceremonies
in Oregon, Washington, and Beyond!

As non-denominational wedding ministers and
marriage officiants, we specialize in
custom-created wedding ceremonies
personalized for the bride and groom.

We guide you, the couple, in creating your own unique ritual, providing you with inspiring material from which to choose, drawn from the great spiritual traditions, including Native American, Jewish, Celtic, Hindu, Christian, and Moslem. Together we create a ceremony that honors both you and your families. We help you find the words and rites that connect your souls!

“We have gotten so many amazing responses from our friends and family about how beautifully you performed the ceremony. Everyone just cannot stop talking about how touching it was, and how it was perfectly 'us.'" Erin & Shannon

We Welcome:
Interfaith and Multicultural Couples
Same-sex Commitment Ceremonies
Recommitment Ceremonies

Additional Services Offered:
Baby Namings
Coming-of-Age Ceremonies
Ethical Wills
Funerals & Memorial Services

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